Echo was my everything. Then I had to say goodbye.

Rolf sitting on a park bench looking affectionately down towards Echo


‘You’re with this amazing dog 24/7, from the moment you get up to the moment you go to bed. They complete you. And then you have to say goodbye. It’s absolutely heart-breaking.’- Rolf

What happens when the most perfect partnership comes to an end?

Rolf’s dog Seeing Eye Dog Echo became a part of him. But then he had to let her go.

You can turn this heart-breaking ending into a life-changing beginning.

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Echo and Rolf had an extraordinary bond. Rolf credits Echo with saving his life – she made it possible for him to go to work, to connect with the world, and to rediscover his self-confidence.

But then he had to say goodbye to Echo.

Echo was getting old, and she deserved a rest and a golden retirement.

It was not only heart-breaking, but frightening for Rolf.

How would he cope in the world without his trusted Seeing Eye Dog by his side?

Watch Rolf’s and Echo’s video below.

Luckily Rolf was able to be matched with Stella, and Echo was able to retire and live out her days in comfort with Rolf and Stella.

Rolf was just one of many Australians with blindness or low vision who needed your help.

Right now too many people have to wait too long for a Seeing Eye Dog. Our long waiting list not only includes people who have qualified for their first dog, but also people like Rolf who urgently need a replacement dog.

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‘It’s not just the grief of losing a dog who became part of you 24/7. It’s the worry about what will happen next.’

People like Rolf know they can rely on us for a Seeing Eye Dog, but there is long waiting list.

The time they have to wait depends on how many new dogs are ready and trained, how many others are waiting for their first dog, and of course, finding exactly the right match.

We have around 200 Seeing Eye Dogs in Australia, and most dogs work for around eight years, so at any one time, 20 to 25 people like Rolf need a replacement.

The more Seeing Eye Dogs we can train, the less people like Rolf have to wait.

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