What is breeding caring

Open in Kensington, Flemington, North Melbourne, Ascot Vale, West Melbourne areas in Victoria only.

Breeder caring involves caring for adult dogs full time usually from around 12 months of age, until the end of their breeding career.

Can depend on the Stud dog (male) or brood bitch (female) and could be for approximately a number of months up to a number of years.

Top five responsibilities of a Seeing Eye Dogs breeder carer**:

  • Keep the Seeing Eye Dogs breeding dog fit and in a healthy body condition at all times.

  • Maintain the breeding dog’s obedience, house manners, training and socialisation as breeding stock may be reassigned in to formal training, to other organisations or used for other purposes at any stage.

  • Transport breeding dogs to required locations such as veterinary clinics or to Seeing Eye Dogs in Kensington whenever required, this may be required within 24 hours’ notice.

  • Provide a high standard of care for breeding dogs in their own home; including ensuring all vaccinations remain up to date.

  • Vigilant daily monitoring for signs signalling the onset of the season, due to time critical nature of matings. 

Breeder carers are pivotal in helping Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs provide working dog guides to clients who are blind or have low vision. It is a role with many responsibilities and is truly rewarding, knowing that your part will directly impact the future generations of Seeing Eye Dogs. 

Many dogs that enter the Seeing Eye Dogs breeding program will subsequently be career changed from the breeding program and go into the Formal Training Program to begin their journey to becoming a working Seeing Eye Dog, so continuing to focus on good manners and home behaviours is critical during your time as a breeder carer. 

The breeding program is supported by experienced veterinarians with professional expertise in canine reproduction, and is also guided by external expert advice to ensure the care of our breeding dogs remains up to date with current best practices.

All decisions are made to benefit our program, with the welfare of all our dogs and the needs of our clients in mind.

All care of dogs in the Seeing Eye Dogs program and breeding practices are in line with the International Guide Dog Federation Standards as well as other domestic animal welfare guidelines relating to animal reproduction. 

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